Established by Andrew Clancy and Colm Moore in 2007 Clancy Moore Architects is a practice dedicated to creating beautiful spaces and objects through an open and collaborative process with clients and craftspeople. 

We are currently working on a diverse range of projects across Ireland and the UK including Galleries, Residential Projects, and a major infrastructural project in Arklow.

We seek to make work which is emergent from the latent knowledge in the sites and situations we are called to work.  We understand the design process as a conversation, and the built work as resulting from a congruence of multiple actors - social, practical, economic, cultural and more.  In this the architects role is as a negotiator as anything else.

Our work method is driven by multiple models, large scale and spatial. We see in the model a forum for collective conversation more generous than drawings and renderings alone.

Both partners teach, and value making time and space to enable the next generations of architects. They have published a number of books with their students

If you are interested in finding out more please contact us - we will set up an initial meeting to go through your project and take it from there.

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